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Lots of new sheepskins have arrived! Patchwork Cowhide Area Rugs Have Arrived.

Angus Oliver Luxury Sheepskins

CR30❤️ 55" x 33" Natural Spotted Long Wool Icelandic

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Naturally spotted, curly long Wool  Icelandic Sheepskin ❤

Not as soft, these massive sheepskins are best used as a really impressive decor piece. They will be fuzzy if you brush them. There is a bit of wool lint that you can pick out if you wish.

lcelandic sheepskins are truly amazing, Icelandic's have a dual coated woolly coat that tends to be softer on the inner part and more coarse on the outer part.

Our Icelandic sheepskins come from Iceland where the sheep have lived beautiful lives roaming the stunning landscape. Icelandic sheepskins come in a huge array of natural colours, and different lengths of wool. Some have curly wool while others have straight long wool.

The length of wool can range from about 4" to 8" in length.

*You will receive the exact sheepskin photographed in this listing, please study each photograph carefully as we want you to love the sheepskin you have chosen. We have priced each sheepskin based on quality, size, and appearance.

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