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Lots of new sheepskins have arrived! Patchwork Cowhide Area Rugs Have Arrived.

Angus Oliver Luxury Sheepskins

Reddish #239❤ 85" x 79" cowhide rug

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Pickup available at 5215 51 Avenue

Usually ready in 2-4 days

Ive just unpacked this cowhide so the photos show some creases. 

If you experience any curling on edges, it is recommended to lightly spray water mist on the edge and place something heavy on the edge to flatten it out overnight. Really curled spots can simply be cut away with an exacto knife. Dry house climates or high traffic areas in the home can cause curling.

Cowhides make beautiful rugs for your home, they feel very soft underfoot and supply your home with an unmistakable aura of comfort and coziness. Generally they are very easy to care for. To help your cowhide last place it in a low traffic area.

Cowhides will normally have a few natural defects, small repairs may have been completed by the tannery as cowhides are massive the tanning process is long and complex. This does not distract from the character of the hide.

Pets love to sleep on cowhides too, they are great to placing on cold floors to help maintain comfort in the home.

Our cowhides are sourced from non rain forest regions in Brazil and Columbia. Each cowhide is inspected for quality after it arrives and priced accordingly.

All of our cowhides are by products of the meat industry, if they didn't get tanned into rugs they would most likely be discarded as waste. Our tannery has told us that only 6 percent of cows slaughtered for meat have their hides tanned for rugs, of that only 3% of the cowhides are colours and patterns other than black and brown.

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