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Angus Oliver Luxury Sheepskins

Queen Size Premium Canadian Wool Stuffed Comforter

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The queen size Cold Country Comforter is filled with 4lbs of 100% pure new wool and covered with 100% cotton. It measures approximately 228cm x 244cm, 96inches x 88inches.

Made at Custom Woollen Mills in Alberta with Canadian sheeps wool.

Canadian Wool Comforter

Snuggle in and sleep tight, year-round. Made with wool, these comforters are naturally temperature-regulating meaning they’ll keep you cool in the summer, warm in the winter, even if you and your partner sleep at different temperatures.

Key Features

  • Made by Custom Woolen Mills in Carstairs, AB (right where the wool is milled)
  • Filed with 100% pure new Canadian wool and covered with light, breathable, unbleached 100% cotton
  • Wool is insulating and naturally temperature regulating—it’s perfect for every season and for partners who have different sleep temperature preferences
  • Wool is naturally fire, water, static and wear-resistant—it’s basically the definition of durability and is an incredibly safe material to use in your bedroom

What goes into the Canadian Wool Comforter?

Custom Woolen Mills does minimal processing of the wool, leaving out common industrial processes such as bleaching, carbonizing, chlorinating, bonding with resin or glue, and moth proofing. These processes are hard on the environment, have unknown long-term consequences to human health, weaken the wool fibre and reduce the effectiveness of wool’s natural qualities. Instead, Custom Woolen Mills washes the raw wool with a mild, plant-based, biodegradable detergent and then rinses it with water.

Sun Bleaching

For wool-fill bedding, sun-bleaching is a good, simple practice to keep your bedding sterile and fresh. Sun bleaching every one to three months reduces the need for washing. To do so, simply remove your bedding from any covering it may be in (duvet covers or pillow cases) and lay it out in a clean, sunny spot outside for a few hours during the middle of the day when the suns intensity is at its highest. Flip the bedding over during this time so that both sides receive direct sunlight. The sun's powerful energy will sanitize your bedding and the outside air will freshen it up. 


When washing wool products, the important thing is not to agitate the wool, as this causes the fibers to mat together and shrink. Soaking and spinning, though, are fine.

The following items can be washed in a top-loading washing machine by following our simple wash instructions:

*Some printed fabrics may fade if washed or dry cleaned
**Custom Woolen Mills machine-knit socks can be washed in your machine on delicate cycle and hung to dry, or can be washed with our instructions below.

Wash Instructions for Top-loading Washing Machines

1) Fill your machine with warm water and soap. Agitate the water to dissolve the soap.
2) Stop the machine and add your wool.
3) Plunge gently up and down by hand to clean.
4) Let soak for a 15 minutes.
5) Set machine to spin and turn it on, allowing the machine to spin out the soapy water.
6) Fill your machine again with warm water to rinse.
7) Stop the machine (do not allow it to agitate the wool).
8) If desired, add fabric softener.
9) Plunge gently up and down by hand to rinse.
10) Let soak for 15 minutes.
11) Set machine to spin and turn it on, allowing the machine to spin out the rinse water.
12) Hang to dry: comforters, sleeping bags, mattress pads, socks, mitts or hats.
        Lay flat to dry: sweaters.

Just remember... DO NOT agitate the wool!

“Why don’t sheep shrink in the rain?”   “They don’t get agitated!” – a Preachism

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