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How do I care for my sheepskin rug? Sheepskin rugs are relatively easy to care for, shake them out weekly, give them a brush, air them outside on a sunny day and don't get them wet. That is it really. Use a wire type pet brush for best results, brushing the sheepskin keeps it fluffy and soft.

What if I spill something on my sheepskin?

Whatever you do, don't rush to wash off the spill with yet more water or liquid. Cornstarch is your friend here, pile that cornstarch onto the wet area to let the cornstarch soak up whatever liquid mess it was. After you think the cornstarch has done its job, shake out the sheepskin and give it a good brush. That is all you should have to do. If it was a smelly liquid, follow with baking soda and leave on the sheepskin overnight. Worst case scenerio, find a dry cleaners that has experience with cleaning sheepskins.

Same applies if something gets spilled onto a cowhide. Cowhides can also be vacuumed  with a non rotating attachment.

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